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Oliver Grunewald

Oliver Grunewald

After studying photography for advertising, French photographer Olivier Grunewald returned to his first loves, mountains, nature - the great oudoors. In 1988, he opened a “studio” in mid-air in order to follow professional climbers, work that won him the Prix de la Fondation de la Vocation in France, on which he bases his first book, Escalade Passion, published by Atlas. Since then, Olivier Grunewald, with his wife, Bernadette Gilbertas, have trotted the globe in quest of extraordinary landscapes, exceptional light and wildlife in all its forms. His photographic work has led him into situations rich in emotion, suspended by rope from a tropical forest’s tallest tree, down the gaping mouth of fuming volcanoes, or knee-deep in snow under the glow of the northern lights.

His coverage of nature and Eco-tourism in collaboration with his wife Bernadette Gilbertas, journalist and writer for nature and ecology, has appeard in a variety of French magazines such as The Figaro Magazine, VSD, Ca M’intéresse, Terre Sauvage, Grands Reportages, as well as in foreign presse (Airone, Focus, GEO, International Wildlife, National Geographic Magazine, ...). They have publihed numerous books, on Iceland, Autralia, Namibia, Western North America. Their last books "Nature" is published in France in October 2004, and « Canyons », in october 2005. and« Volcanoes » in september 2007.

Their photographic work on the seaturtles of French Guyana, which won a prize at the World Press Photo Awards in 1995, was published all over the world. In 2002, World Press Photo again rewarded their work with a second place in the Science and Technology category for his coverage of northern lights. Once again, in february 2004, the World press has given Olivier the 2nd price in nature category, for his report on Kamtchatka volcanoes.

Type of photography: Nature in general
Favorite Camera and Lens: Nikon D3, Nikon F6 , and a 6X 7 Mamiya, no favorite lens
Favorite Tripod set: 2 Gitzo carbon fiber tripods, one to use with a medium format and long lens, one smaller to use on volcano where weight is a always a big problem
Activity: Photographer
City: Paris
Country: France
Awards: 3 Prizes at the World Press Photo Contest, and 4 prices at the BBC Wildlife Photo Contest
Publications: Magazines like National Geographic, Géo, Figaro Magazine, Focus

My bag is never the same, depending on the subject I am working on.
For landscape, I use a 6X7 Mamiya with 3 lenses, 50mm, 90mm, 180mm
For wildlife, I use most of time a 300 mm, with 1.7 extender
For Volcanoes, I bring 2 caméra, 1 digital, 1 argentic, with lens from 17mm to 200mm,
mostly zoom lens, and a 24, 1,4 mm lens for low light.
For Northern light I use Pelican case to protect the equipement under the very low temperature. For a tropical condition, I use special bag to avoid the strong humidity.
Différent conditon and subject make different equipement and staff to protect in the field.

Lighting Equipment: usually bring 1 ore 2 flash.