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Vitec Group

carbon monopods

Gitzo monopods continue to set the standard for professional and amateurs. The range has been completely revised with new features and materials in order to offer lighter, faster and more stable products.Thanks to our Anti Leg Rotation system, monopods are now incredibly fast to operate and the height can be easily and precisely adjusted.

carbon monopods SPECIFICATIONS

leg sections material Maximum Height Minimum Height safety payload Weight
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Series 5 6X Traveler 6-section Monopod

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6 number carbon fiber 6X 155.5 cm 41.5 cm 25 kg 0.779 kg

Monopod Series 2 Carbon 6 sections Traveler

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6 number Carbon Exact 142 cm 36 cm 12 kg 0.405 kg

Series 2 Carbon 6X Traveler Monopod

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6 number carbon fiber 6X 143 cm 36 cm 4.5 kg 0.353 kg

Series 2 6X Four-Section Carbon Fibre Monopod

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4 number carbon fiber 6X 160 cm 53 cm 12 kg 0.600 kg

Series 3 6X 5-section Monopod G-Lock

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5 number carbon fiber 6X 192 cm 54 cm 18 kg 0.800 kg
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