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Gitzo introduces the new Ocean Tripods Collection.


Gitzo’s new Ocean tripods are designed to give outstanding levels of strength and stability in some of the world’s most problematic locations for photographers. Gitzo Ocean tripods are resistant to the corrosive power of seawater, humidity and other aggressive natural environments, thanks to carefully-selected raw materials and finishes, and to engineering solutions like sealed leg-locks that prevent mud, sand and dust from entering and gradually wearing away at the tripod’s mechanisms.

Ocean tripods are ideal for supporting high-end, heavy camera equipment in wildlife, landscape, travel and sports image-making where reliability is essential and the right equipment can make the difference between the success and failure of an entire shoot in a far-flung, inhospitable location. Precisely because of their extreme specialisation and exacting engineering, the new Ocean tripods are of strategic importance within the Gitzo range.

The Ocean family comprises four models, covering Gitzo’s Series 1, 2, 3 and 5. The larger Series 2, 3 & 5 models are designed around Gitzo’s recently relaunched (and already award-winning) modular Systematic shoulder element that allows centre components to be interchanged. The Series 1 model, instead uses the latest evolution of the Gitzo Traveler structure, with a shoulder that allows the legs to flip 180° for an extremely compact folded length ideal when baggage needs to be kept to a minimum. All Ocean tripods have leg tubes made exclusively from Gitzo’s top quality 6X carbon fibre. Shoulder elements throughout are made from corrosion-proof aluminium.

Benefits of the new Ocean Systematic tripods for photographers:

The specially designed and engineered Ocean G-lock collars prevent sand, dust and mud from entering the leg tubes. Any water that gets inside the legs is expelled by the tube sections, which act as an air cushion.

Switching centre components is made quicker by the new shoulder locking system, with its tool-free ratchet lever.

You can’t drop your equipment from the tripod thanks to the safety catch even when you inadvertently leave the shoulder lock open.

You can use your Ocean tripod in aggressive environments, in salt water, mud or areas of high humidity, thanks to our careful choice of corrosion-resistant materials and protective finishes.

OCEAN SYSTEMATIC Series 2 carbon tripod anti-corrosion 4-sec

OCEAN SYSTEMATIC Series 3 carbon tripod anti-corrosion 4-sec

OCEAN SYSTEMATIC Series 5 carbon tripod anti-corrosion 4-sec

OCEAN TRAVELER Series 1 carbon tripod anti-corrosion 4-sec

ground level set ocean lock ALR rapid column reversible column hook

Ocean lock

Gitzo Ocean Traveler features the latest version of the G-Lock system. The Ocean-Lock thanks to special inserts at both ends, minimises the amount of water and debris that may enter tubes and locking mechanisms. The special seals are derived from the automotive industry and meet the highest standards in terms of sealing performance and long life. The Ocean-Lock is not 100% waterproof, however it dramatically enhances the capacity of the tripod to withstand extreme environments. The Ocean-Lock maintains the outstanding locking performance of the G-Lock providing five main advantages: 20% increased rigidity, a stronger locking, a six times faster operation and the Gravity Effect: the higher the vertical load applied to the leg is, the stronger the leg locking becomes. The fifth and most important advantage is the complete elimination of even the smallest give in the locking system, making the tripod a rock solid monolithic structure.

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