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Gitzo ™
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explorer tripods

The Explorer is another of our tripods for special applications; a versatile support to explore new shooting perspectives. Thanks to its unconventional design, the legs can be set at any angle and moved independently while the centre column tilts and rotates freely to any position. The Explorer unleashes its potential when used with a Gitzo off-centre ball head, a combination that makes it the ideal tripod for creative photographers, looking for unconventional shots: close to ground, upside-down or in tight or awkward spaces. Ideal applications are outdoor macro and nature photography, still life and architecture. Explorer tripods feature G-Lock, our leg locking system that increases system rigidity by 20% and allows quicker and stronger leg locking.All Explorers feature the new Power Disc, that feature two locking screws, one for the column and one for the head, granting a rock solid connection of the whole system. This disc is made of solid machined aluminium and includes the Safe Lock material that cuts vibration. Removable rubber feet and column hook assembly have also been improved with a self-locking system that avoids accidental loss. Explorer tripods also come with a convenient anti dust bag for storage and packing. The textile anti dust bag is also an answer to environmental protection, aiming to reduce the amount of plastic bags that global industry is introducing into the environment each day.

explorer tripods SPECIFICATIONS

closed length Maximum Height safety payload Weight
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Series 2 6X Explorer 3S. Quick Release Kit

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75 cm 181 cm 5 kg 3.400 kg

Series 2 6X Explorer 3S. G-Lock

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64 cm 170 cm 12 kg 2.000 kg


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54 cm 164 cm 12 kg 2.000 kg
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