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ocean tripods

Ocean tripods are designed and built for professional performance and resistance against seawater, humidity and other aggressive natural environments, with corrosion-proof materials and sealed leg-locks to prevent mud, sand and dust from entering leg tubes for maintenance-free durability. Ocean tripods are ideal for supporting high-end camera equipment in wildlife, landscape, travel and sports image-making where reliability is essential and the right equipment can make the difference between the success and failure of an entire shoot in a far-flung, inhospitable location.

ocean tripods SPECIFICATIONS

centre column closed length leg sections Maximum Height Minimum Height Weight
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OCEAN SYSTEMATIC Series 2 carbon tripod anti-corrosion 4-sec

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no center column 61 cm 4 151 cm 9 cm 2.150 kg

OCEAN TRAVELER Series 1 carbon tripod anti-corrosion 4-sec

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43.5 cm 149 cm 1.290 kg

OCEAN SYSTEMATIC Series 3 carbon tripod anti-corrosion 4-sec

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no center column 58 cm 4 147.5 cm 9 cm 2.340 kg

OCEAN SYSTEMATIC Series 5 carbon tripod anti-corrosion 4-sec

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no center column 62 cm 4 153 cm 9 cm 3.350 kg
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