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traveler tripods

Traveler tripods are designed for globe-trotting photographers who require the ultimate lightweight, extremely compact tripod with professional performance.In 2004, Gitzo developed the Traveler’s revolutionary 180° leg folding mechanism. A world first for a tripod, it makes more efficient use of folded space by accommodating the centre column and head in between the folded tripod legs. The extremely compact design also makes the tripod quick to set up, while carbon fibre tubing throughout makes it sturdy and lightweight.If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then many, many other tripod manufacturers also recognise the brilliance of our Traveler concept. But the Gitzo Traveler remains unmatched in either performance or stability, and our latest version only broadens the gap between the original and the rest.

traveler tripods SPECIFICATIONS

closed length Maximum Height safety payload Weight
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Traveler Kit, Ser.0 4 sec tripod GT0545T + head GH1382TQD

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36.5 cm 133 cm 10 kg 1.290 kg

Traveler Kit, Ser.1 4 sec tripod GT1545T + head GH1382TQD

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42.5 cm 163.5 cm 10 kg 1.450 kg

Traveler Kit, Ser.1 5 sec tripod GT1555T + head GH1382TQD

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35.5 cm 148.5 cm 10 kg 1.420 kg

Traveler Kit, Series 1 Carbon 4 sections, Ball Head QD

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42 cm 151 cm 6 kg 1.350 kg


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35 cm 149 cm 5.5 kg 1.530 kg
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