Alpha Traveler kit



  • Exclusive special edition dedicated to Sony α camera models
  • Perfectly fit Sony α7 and α9, increasing grip and stability
  • Black & silver grey colour combination, modern and elegant
  • Exquisite new high-appeal look and feel with distinctive design
  • Ergonomic strap made of genuine Italian leather included



1.43 kg

상단 부착

1/4″ 스크류

레그 선택


볼 지름

35 mm

최고 높이

23.5 cm

볼 잠금

최고 높이(센터칼럼을 올리지 않았을 경우)

141 cm

최대 높이

165 cm

베이스 타입

35 mm

닫았을 때의 길이

43 cm



안전 하중

10 kg

가방 포함


센터 칼럼

상단 디스크 지름

35 mm



프릭션 컨트롤


전면 틸트

-90° / +40°

헤드 타입

볼 헤드

독립적 팬 락


독립적 틸트 락


측면 틸트

-90° / +40°

레그 타입


레그 각도


레그 락 타입

트위스트 락

다리 직경

14.7, 18.2, 21.7, 25.3 mm



작동가능 최고 온도

70 C

작동가능 최저 온도

-30 C

팬 드래그



플레이트 타입


퀵 릴리즈



틸트 드래그

Technical specifications Full list


In the wake of the collaboration between Vitec Group and Sony announced during Gitzo’s 100th anniversary celebrations, Gitzo presents a best in class product developed especially for Sony α7 and α9 cameras: the Traveler α tripod, addressing professional photographers and premium camera users.

It features a tailored design solution to perfectly fit Sony α7 and α9 camera models, helping increase grip and stability for precise framing and extraordinary composition.

Thanks to its dedicated Sony α plate, the Traveler α brings Gitzo’s premium travel tripod to demanding photographers unleashing their creativity using Sony α cameras. The new black and silver finishing and new design match perfectly with the outstandingly stylish and modern aesthetic of Sony α cameras.

The Traveler α is a compact lightweight travel tripod in Gitzo’s distinctive high-quality design and materials. It weighs 1.43 kg, extends to 165 cm high and safely holds up to 10 kg of gear. Thanks to the 180° leg-folding system pioneered by Gitzo, the Traveler α’s legs reverse-fold around its centre column and head, allowing it to fold down to 43 cm. This model is recommended for use with lenses up to 135mm. With its legs spread and its short centre column inserted, the tripod goes lower for those low-angle or macro shots. Its legs are made of Carbon eXact tubing for superior strength and stiffness in a slimmer size and feature the “Traveler G-lock” - a travel-size version of Gitzo’s G-lock, designed to ensure security and reduce size. The specially designed compact rubber feet ensure perfect camera stability.

The Traveler α features Gitzo’s most compact professional carbon fibre tripod center ball head. This perfectly balanced, versatile tripod head is engineered to ensure the ultimate smoothness and precision of movement and secure locking with independent pan/tilt lock.
The Traveler α Center Ball Head is supplied with the Sony α plate but can also hold the short, Arca-Swiss compatible plate (GS5370SD) and is also perfect with all Gitzo's D profile plates. Its quick-release plate is kept locked with a screw-knob and a bubble level helps photographers keep a straight horizon.

The special edition Traveler α tripod features an ergonomic strap made of genuine Italian leather crafted to resemble carbon fibre, for extreme comfort in use.

품질 보증

품질보증은 정상적인 사용방법에 의해 사용 중 제품의 이상에 대한 무상 수리를 의미합니다.무상서비스 기간은 1년이며 단, 정상적인 사용(임의로 제품 변형)이 아닌 경우 또는 고객과실로 인한 서비스는 유상으로 처리 됩니다 품질보증 기간은 지역별/국가별로 상이할 수 있으며 위에 명시한 품질보증은 세기P&C에서 제공하는 무상 서비스 기간입니다. *세기P&C 정품이 아닌경우 A/S서비스에 제한이 있을 수 있습니다.

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