Tripod Accessories

Gitzo's tripod range is designed with a series of accessories that can be used and adapted with most of the products. You can change the core tripod system to suit your photographic needs. Choose from plates, levelling systems, leg accessories, adapters and many other products. To facilitate the transport of your equipment, messengers bags and tripod bags are also available.

G535 G535

Gitzo lateral arm, geared version

Weight 0.94 kg
Accessory Size Height 47 cm
Accessory Size Length 9.5 cm
Accessory Size Width 10 cm
Material Aluminium
Series 3
G532 G532

Gitzo lateral arm, slidig version

Weight 0.51 kg
Closed Length 45.5 cm
G065 G065

Gitzo monitor and laptop platform

Weight 1.06 kg
Accessory Size Height 2.5 cm
Accessory Size Length 40 cm
Accessory Size Width 33 cm
Material Aluminium
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