Tripie Mountaineer Gitzo Series 3, 4 Secciones

  • The stiffer and portable 4-section Carbon eXact fiber tripod
  • Angle selector and G-lock ultra for quick, ergonomic operation
  • Quickly remove or reverse column for ground level shooting
  • Strongest but portable Mountaineer tripod
  • Removable feet, easily accessorized via 1/4″ and 3/8″ attachment



1.86 kg

Conector Superior

Tornillo de 1/4", Tornillo de 3/8"

Secciones de patas


Altura Mínima

15 cm

Altura Máxima (con Columna Central abajo)

134 cm

Altura máxima

162 cm

Tamaño plegado

54 cm

Carga Máxima Segura

21 kg

Bolsa de transporte incluida


Columna Central

Diámetro del disco superior

60 mm


Decoración de noche

Tipo de pata


Angulos de pata

Tipo de bloqueo de patas

Bloqueo Twistlock

Diámetro del tubo de las patas

21.7, 25.3, 29, 32.9 mm


Fibra de carbono

Temperatura máxima de trabajo

70 C

Temperatura mínima de trabajo

-30 C

Technical specifications Full list


The Gitzo GT3542 is a 4-section Series 3 carbon fiber tripod designed to securely support professional cameras with 300mm lenses (up to a maximum of 400mm) while being portable. This professional tripod features Carbon eXact tubing with larger leg tube diameters. Its top leg-section diameter of 32.9 mm and high modulus carbon fiber lower leg sections make this tripod stronger, more rigid and more lightweight than its predecessors. The Gitzo GT3542 weighs just 1.86 kg, reaches a height of 162 cm and folds down to 54 cm. This tripod is the perfect choice for professional photographers who want highly resistant, reliable support that is light enough to carry for hours while exploring the great outdoors.

The tripod’s rapid center column is easily removed, transforming it into a ground level set enabling photographers to capture the broadest range of perspectives. It also has a reversible column mechanism. The Gitzo GT3542 four-section legs are secured by G-lock Ultra twist locks, with a built-in O-ring that keeps dirt and dust out of the leg mechanism. The tripod’s top spider is newly designed for extra rigidity, and large leg angle selectors provide broader grip-area for leg-angle adjustment. The tripod features a stabilizer hook on its center column to add weight and increase stability when required by terrain or equipment weight. Its removable feet enable it to adapt to any type of surface. A wide array of heads and other accessories can easily be added via the 1/4″ and 3/8″ attachment on the upper disc.

Garantía en productos Gitzo

Extensión de 5 años

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