Mitsuo Suzuki portrait photography
Mitsuo Suzuki - Portrait Photography - Gitzo Ambassador

Mitsuo Suzuki


I require stability, ease of use, precision, and beautiful design. Gitzo tripods have them all. 

Mitsuo Suzuki was impressed by pictures, such as J. Vermeer and Rembrandt, and studied oil painting. He got interested in photography and earned a degree from Tokyo Visual Arts in 1986, and gained experience working for a number of photography studios and agencies. He became an independent commercial photographer in 1995, specializing in portrait, beauty and still life photography.
Then, in 2000, he began to pursue fine art photography. He moved from Tokyo to Malaysia in 2006 and worked there for 4 years, shooting commercial, portrait, beauty, fashion, and editorial photography.
His work has been exhibited in many galleries around the world, including Tokyo, Washington D.C., New York, Berlin, Singapore and Poland.
He returned to Japan in 2010 and currently based in Tokyo. In 2016, he opened “Pictures Studio Akasaka” in Tokyo, where he shoots and teaches photography and opens as a rental studio. He also teaches photography at Sony α Academy.

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