Gitzo lateral arm, slidig version

  • Gitzo rapid lateral arm tripod accessory
  • Ideal for positioning the camera above or below the tripod apex
  • Rapid,sliding mechanism for fast adjustments
  • Made of strong aluminium



0.51 kg

Closed Length

45.5 cm

Technical specifications Full list


The Gitzo lateral arm is a tripod accessory that enables cameras to be positioned above or below the tripod apex in a 90 degree position, which might otherwise be obstructed by the tripod legs. It is available in rapid and geared versions and includes a reversible 1/4 and 3/8'' mounting stud.
The G532 is the rapid and sliding version made in strong aluminium. For optimum rigidity, select the lateral arm with the same diameter as the tripod's outer section.

Warranty Gitzo Accessories

Five- Year Extended Warranty This product is covered by a two-year Limited Warranty and is eligible for a five-year Warranty Extension upon Online Product Registration.

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