Gitzo tripod leg warmer Safari, series 2-5

  • Series 2-5 Safari tripod leg warmer accessory
  • Insulates, protects and enhances ergonomics
  • Camouflage colors for wildlife photography
  • Removable inner padding, resistant and non-slip
  • Safe grip for precise tripod set-up



0.25 kg

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The Gitzo GC5160F Series 2-5 Safari Tripod Leg Warmer is designed to blend in with the environment during outdoor use, specifically for wildlife photography and birdwatching. This accessory insulates heat-absorbing tripod tubes, protects them and enhances ergonomics. Specifically designed for Series 2 to 5 Gitzo tripods, this model guarantees superior comfort when carrying heavier outdoor equipment and long lenses. It is highly scratch-resistant and ideal when camouflage is required. The removable inner padding is made of high density closed cell foam. On the outside, the Safari leg warmer features four camouflage colors in highly durable nylon, with special non-slip rubber on the inside - for added stability and safer handling

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