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Jody Mac Donald - Landscape Photography - Gitzo Ambassador

Jody Mac Donald

United States

Gitzo tripods are the best I have ever used….seriously! They are so well made and no matter how remote I travel or what I kind of weather conditions I’m shooting in, they never fail me. They are compact, lightweight and incredibly durable which makes them perfect for any assignment I take them on. They now have a permanent place in my gear bag. 

An award winning photographer, Jody MacDonald is no stranger to adventure and exploration in the last untamed corners of the planet. Having spent her formative years in Saudi Arabia before sailing around the world twice over the span of a decade on a kiteboarding, sailing and surfing expedition, she has traveled to over 90 countries in search of the unknown. From train hopping in the Sahara to paragliding in the Himalayas at 17,000 ft she is passionate about stepping off the beaten path in pursuit of documenting issues that blend insightful storytelling, big adventure expeditions and social change inspiration. Her clients include National Geographic, Leica, Patagonia, BBC and Red Bull among others.

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