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nature & wildlife

Beautiful landscapes, rare puffins or wild bears. For those who do not want to miss the moment and capture the subject. Gitzo new, full line of nature and wildlife products are designed to integrate seamlessly to guarantee the highest level of functionality in the field, allowing you to stay focused in discovering those epic moments.

& precise

Smoothness and preciseness are needed to follow animal movements in their environments with heavy gear and long lenses.

extra stability
and lightness

A sturdy tripod allows you to stay focused and plan with patience and precision epic images. A light tripod gives you the possibility to carry it anywhere.


Immerse in nature, looking for the perfect shot, protection and capacity are essential when carrying heavy and expensive equipment.

Gimbal Fluid head

Gimbal is the fluid head that will satisfies every desire. It ensures enjoyable, controlled movement; it is sturdy, but lightweight and delivers exceptional performance for photos and videos. Designed to work perfectly with telephoto lenses and spotting scopes.

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2 Way Fluid head

An extremely compact and lightweight high performance fluid head, designed especially for birdwatchers, digiscopers and wildlife photographers and videographers.

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Systematic tripod

The best in class carbon fiber tripod for rigidity and lightness. Essential to safely and firmly sustain heavy gear in extreme conditions and environments.

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Mountaineer tripod

Lightweight and rigid carbon fiber tripod enables easy handling and is ideal for any nature activities.

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Adventury backpack 45l

Finally a backpack that can also contain your wildest passions. A roomy backpack, water repellent and ready for adventure, designed to comfortably carry long lenses up to 600mm and other accessories.

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Adventury backpack 30l

Small enough to never want to leave it behind. Big enough to pack everything you need in it. For who loves to observe nature and its extraordinary shapes. Safely protects up to 400mm lenses.

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A Gitzo Story

Beautiful landscapes, rare puffins or wild bears.

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