Gitzo telescopic column XL Systematic, series 5, carbon

  • Extra-long rapid center column tripod accessory
  • Ideal for Series 5 Systematic tripods
  • Extra additional height, minimal weight
  • G-lock Ultra for easy and secure setup
  • Carbon eXact fiber construction
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0.95 kg

Accessory Size Diameter

12 cm

Accessory Size Height

67 cm


Carbon Fiber



Technical specifications Full list


The Gitzo GS5513XLS Systematic Telescopic Center Column is a tripod accessory for professional photographers who require the ultimate XL elevation. This extra-long telescopic carbon fiber rapid center column makes tripods 2 m taller, enabling truly unique perspectives. It provides the highest elevation and rapid height adjustment while keeping equipment secure and adding minimal weight to the set-up.
This carbon fiber rapid center column is compatible with Series 5 Systematic tripods. It slides into the tripod shoulder quickly and easily and twists to lock it into position. It has a safety catch that is compatible with recent Systematic tripods featuring a safety button preventing the column from dropping out of the tripod even if it is inadvertently left unlocked.

The GS5513XLS features high-quality Carbon eXact tubes and G-lock Ultra to extend/lock the telescopic column (the same mechanism used in Gitzo tripod legs), with solid discs on top and underneath, and a lower hook to add extra weight when necessary.
GS5513XLS replaces the GS5511XLS.

Warranty Gitzo Accessories

Five- Year Extended Warranty This product is covered by a two-year Limited Warranty and is eligible for a five-year Warranty Extension upon Online Product Registration.

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