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Roie Galitz - Wildlife Photography - Gitzo Ambassador

Roie Galitz


In the field, it is crucial for me to have to most professional gear, one that can help me get the best results in the most extreme conditions. My tripod must function at its best at temperature range from -40 to +40 degrees centigrade and in foot deep snow or 2 feet deep water. It must endure bumpy snowmobile rides and being constantly hit by forest trees and bushes. It has to be able to safely hold 8 Kg of expensive cameras and keep it steady during super-fine video movements. That is why I choose Gitzo tripods – those are the only I trust in preforming these impossible tasks on my wild expeditions. They are durable and reliable, and while we spent a lot of time together, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, they have never failed me. 

Roie Galitz’s greatest life passions, nature and photography, take him into the wild. As an adventurous wildlife photographer, he travels in extreme conditions to the remotest places on earth, capturing images of rarely viewed animals in their natural habitats. His lifelong mission is to take pictures that were never taken before, through which he is able to raise awareness to pressing environmental issues. He does so also as a public speaker and Greenpeace ambassador. 

Roie’s photographs get great exposure worldwide, millions of views and frequent appearances in the media (BBC, National Geographic and many more). It was presented in global exhibitions, featured in exclusive magazines and honoured with over 50 international awards over the past decade. 

For his achievements and environmental activism, Roie was named to The Marker's 40 under 40 list in 2017. He shares his knowledge and passion with tens of thousands of photography lovers at the establishments he founded: Galitz School of Photography, Phototeva Expeditions, Composition Magazine and the Annual Israeli Photography Convention. He also co-founded TalkMaster School of Public Speaking, and frequently gives talks in photography conferences and environmental events all over the world, TEDx talks in Finland, Scotland and Ireland, to name a few.

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