Gitzo geared column Systematic, series 5, long

  • Geared Center Column tripod accessory for additional height
  • Ideal for Series 5 Systematic tripods
  • Lifts and lowers heavy gear with the ultimate precision
  • Easily installed, secure twist-to-lock mechanism
  • Durable aluminium construction
$ 484.99



1.97 kg

4.34 lbs

Accessory Size Diameter

12 cm

4.72 in

Accessory Size Height

92 cm

36.22 in







Technical specifications Full list


The Gitzo GS5313LGS Systematic Geared Center Column is a long tripod accessory for photographers who require additional elevation and rapid height adjustment.
This aluminum geared center column is compatible with Series 5 Systematic tripods.
The gear mechanism means heavy loads can be raised or lowered precisely and safely, and is locked and unlocked via a simple twist mechanism. The safety catch feature, when used together with recent Systematic tripods with a safety button, prevents the column from dropping out of the tripod even if it is inadvertently left unlocked. The extra reach of this long version centre column adds positioning flexibility.
GS5313LGS replaces the GS5311LGS, and features the latest components including the solid disc on the top and bottom of the column

Warranty Gitzo Accessories & Spare Parts

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