Gitzo big foot, 50mm, set of 3

  • Set of 3 50mm big feet tripod accessory
  • Ultra-stable, grips on any surface
  • Integrated ball for full contact with the ground
  • Compatible with all Gitzo 3/8” thread legs



0.21 kg

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The Gitzo GSF50 Big Foot 50mm (set of 3 feet) is an essential tripod accessory that ensures a solid grip and maximum stability on any surface - from slippery floors to soft sand. The integrated ball allows the large rubber foot to swivel until it is fully in contact with the ground, regardless of the leg angle or the type of surface it is placed on. This model is compatible with all Gitzo tripods that have 3/8” threads on their leg ends. The GSF50 replaces G1220.130B3 and G1410.130B3.

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