Gitzo flat top plate Systematic, series 5

  • Flat top plate tripod accessory made of durable aluminum
  • Matching all Systematic Series 5 tripods
  • Machined ring under plate for secure, accident-proof support
  • Plate features hook to increase weight and stability if needed



0.2 kg

Technical specifications Full list


The Gitzo GS5321SP Systematic Series 5 Flat Top Plate tripod accessory is the same as the standard flat top plate that comes in the box with a new Series 5 Gitzo Systematic tripod. It can mount a flat based photographic or video head, or all other equipment with a 3/8'' female thread.
The machined ring on the underside of the plate is compatible with the safety catch feature of Gitzo's updated Systematic range, offering secure, accident-proof support, even during changeovers of center components.
The bottom of the plate also features a hook allowing weights or bags to be hung under the tripod to increase stability even further when needed. The GS5321SP is carefully made of high-quality aluminum to be resistant and durable

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