Gitzo tripod Systematic, series 5, 3 sections

  • Gitzo’s strongest, series 5, 3-section carbon fiber tripod
  • G-lock Ultra for secure leg-locks and quick operations
  • Great versatility thanks to the modular accessories range
  • The most rigid tripod of the whole Gitzo range
  • New wider and adaptable feet for unbeatable stability



2.63 kg

Top Attachment

3/8″ screw

Leg Sections


Min Height

10 cm

Maximum Height (with Center Column Down)

134 cm

Maximum Height

134 cm

Closed Length

62 cm

Bubble Spirit Level (No.)


Safety Payload Weight

40 kg

Carrying Bag Included


Center Column

no centre column

Upper Disc Diameter

90 mm


Noir Decor

Leg Type


Leg Angles


Leg Lock Type

Twist Lock

Legs Tube Diameter

32.9, 37, 41.3 mm



Maximum Working Temperature

70 °C

Minimum Working Temperature

-30 °C



Technical specifications Full list


The Gitzo GT5533S Series 5 Systematic is a powerful, 3-section, professional carbon fiber tripod designed to securely support longer lenses and heavy cameras. Series 5 models are Gitzo’s most rigid tripod and like the rest of the Systematic family, they set the standard in terms of strength, stability and modularity. The GT5533S’ top casting element opens and closes, allowing each tripod to be configured with a flat disk, geared or sliding center column, video half-ball adaptor, levelling base or other Systematic accessories.
The GT5533S weighs 2.63 Kg and secures an outstanding payload of 40 Kg. It reaches as low as 10 cm and up to 134 cm and folds down to 62 cm. A highly reliable, versatile, portable solution, this model features Gitzo's Carbon eXact tubes with G-Lock Ultra twist-locks that solidly connect the leg sections and protect them from dirt damage. New, ultra-stable, removable feet make this support even more secure. The Easy Link attachment provides enhanced versatility and ergonomics, enabling users to attach a wide array of optional accessories, such as a Manfrotto arms, LED lighting solutions, monitors, etc.
With a top leg diameter of 41.3 mm, the mighty, 3-section GT5533S has larger top casting than Series 3 and 4 Systematic models to ensure maximum stability. It replaces the GT5532S and is the tripod of choice for the world’s most demanding professional photographers who want impeccable support for heavier professional equipment and longer lenses.

Warranty Select Gitzo Supports, Heads & Kits

Gitzo Traveler, Mountaineer and Systematic Supports, Heads and Kits are covered by a Standard Limited Warranty (six months from date of purchase) and are eligible for a free Standard Limited Warranty Extension, upon online product registration, for an additional six years, six months - thus, up to seven years of coverage from the date of purchase. For more details or to register your product, please visit:

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